The Unofficial On-line Bristol Area Industrial Museum

Since the demise of the Bristol Industrial museum when one of the finest collections of aero engine anywhere was dispersed,
there has not been a venue to display Bristol's industrial heritage.
The lost Museum is not lost anymore
Bristol Aerospace is now open

This is my way of correcting that omission.
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Cars        bristol cars
Aircraft          Bristol
Motorcycles     Douglas
Buses Trucks       Bristol bus
Railways   Temple Meads
Harbour InstallationsBristol Harbour
Aero Engines    Bristol Jupiter
Chocolate   Frys
Coal Mining    South
                  Liberty pit Bristol
Ship Building    SS Breat Britain
The Dark Side   Unloading tobacco

         Cars  bristol cars

Bristol Cars 
Makers of luxury cars from 1945 to 2011 at Filton.  
Bristol 405
Bristol 403

Straker Squire

Car production from 1906 to 1926 at Fishponds.

Douglas  Engineering Company

Car production from 1913 to 1919 at Kingswood.

    Aircraft    Bristol Bulldog

Bristol Aeroplane Company

Aircraft production from 1910 to 1959 at Filton and Weston super Mare.

British Aerospace

Aircraft production from1977 to 1999 at Filton.

British  Aircraft Corporation

Aircraft production from 1960 to1977 at Filton.   


Design and component manufacture since 1960 at Filton.      

Parnell and Sons

Aircraft construction from 1914 to 1939 at Fishponds.

Cameron Balloons 

Hot air balloon manufacturers from 1971 to the present in Bedminster.
Locomotives   Portbury
Stothert, Slaughter and Co

Locomotive manufacturer 1837 to 1864 at Hotwells.

Peckett and Son

Locomotive manufacturer1864 to 1970 at St George.

Avonside Engine Company

Locomotive manufacturer 1864 to 1934 at St Phillips.

Bristol Past
Stothart Locomotive

Motorcycles     Douglas

Douglas  Engineering Company

Motorcycle production from 1907 to 1957 at Kingswood.
Douglas Dragonfly

Buses Trucks Bristol bus

Bristol Commercial Vehicles-Lorries

1908 to 1964 at Brislington.      

Bristol Commercial Vehicles       

Bus manufacture 1908 to 1983 at Brislington.

Brazil Straker

Bus and truck manufacture 1907 to 1918 at Fishponds.

Straker Steam Vehicle Co 
Bristol opentop bus

Railways   Temple Meads station

Great Western Railway

Opened in 1834

Bristol Harbour Railway

Built in 1872.

Bristol and Exeter Railway

Opened in 1854.

Temple Meads Station

Opened in 1840.

Bristol and North Somerset Railway

Opened in 1873.

Bristol and Gloucester Railway

Opened in 1844.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

1806 to 1859.

Harbour InstallationsBristol Harbour
Bristol Harbour

Created in 13TH century

Flickr views of Bristol Harbour 

Fairbairn Steam Crane

Built in 1875.

The Underfall Yard

19Th Century.            

Hydraulic Engine House

Built in 1888.

Aero Engines    Bristol Jupiter

Cosmos Engineering 
1918 to 1920 Fishponds.

Roy Fedden
1885 to 1973.

Bristol Aeroplane Company

Aero Engines 1920 to 1958 Filton.

Bristol Siddeley Engines Ltd
 1958 to 1966 Filton.

Rolls-Royce Ltd

1966 to the present.
Bristol hercules
Bristol Bloodhound
Bristol/Rolls-Royce Olimpus

  Chocolate   Frys chocolate

J.S. Fry and Sons 
1759 to 2010 at Union Street and Keynsham.
 Cadburys from1981 to 2011.

H & J Packer (Elizabeth Shaw)

1881 to 2006 at Easton and Greenbank.

Joseph Fry

1728 to 1787.

Bristol Chocolate by Flickr

                Fry's factory at the Pithay Bristol
Frys advertisment

Coal Mining    South Liberty pit Bristol

Bristol Coalfield by Flickr

Maligo Vale Coal Pit

South liberty Lane Colliery

Bristol Industry's in general

Bristol Wagon Works

Ship Building SS Great Britain
Miranda guinness

Hilhouse and Company

17172 to 1845

Charles Hill and Sons

1845 to 1977.


Two trades that were intimately connected with the dark side of Bristol's commerce, The triangular trade, slaves, sugar and tobacco. The money earned from the slaves, paid for the sugar from the Caribbean and the tobacco from Virginia that was produced with slave labour. Both sugar and tobacco were shipped to Bristol for processing, creating a sizeable industry in both products. The sugar trade is long gone, but the tobacco industry is just hanging on with the Imperial Tobacco head office in Bristol.

The Dark Side   Unloading tobacco

W.D. and H.O. Wills 

1786 to 1988 

Imperial Tobacco  
  1901 to the present.

Sugar Factories in Bristol

Sweet History

                   Finzels sugar factory.
Finzels sugar factory
Tobacco factory

Tobacco Industry by Flickr

The Triangular Trade