The story of the light auto mobile told in a collection of articles.                       

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The Future of the Light Car in Europe

Automobile Blind Alleys   A collection of articles about innovations in automobile designs that were before their time or
failed to fulfill their promise at the time and some that might have, with a bit of luck.

Baujun E100  A Brief History of the Electric City Car
BMC A series. a history    

My life on wheels  My Life on Wheels

My Life on Wheels Plus Fun Cars PDF   

A Light Automobile History Magazine.

Edition One. Feburary 2003.

       The Family Man’s Sports Car,
                         The light Sports Saloon and Hot Hatchback. Part One 1920 to 1980

       Not Just for Transport . Light cars for fun and fresh air motoring in the last quarter century.

        Light Cars of the last Twenty Plus Years in Europe 1997 to 2017

    The Britain Economy and Marginal Motoring 1915 to 2015

          The Popular Light Cars i
n 21st Century Europe. Browser version

The Popularity of the Light Cars in 21st Century Europe. PDF version
     World Minicars and Light cars index. pdf

                      World Minicars and Light car index .html
        The Three Phases of the Three Cylinder Automobile Engine  A 400KB PDF Document
The Three Phases of the Three Cylinder Automobile Engine Browser Version                 
        Basic Motoring   The Evolution of the Modern Ultralight  Economy car. Browser Version

                    Basic Motoring The Book   
A 2.5 MB PDF Book  The Evolution of the Modern Ultralight  Economy car.

Richard Oakes 
Richard Oakes Stylist/Car Designer

GTM RossaThe GTM Story

Fiat Twinair The Return of the Twin     
                 A PDF Version 

  Toyota AygoA Century of People Cars   Light cars of the world.
                   A PDF Version 

  SuperiorThe Road to the VW Beetle   
                   A PDF Version
Chater Lea  Edwardian Economy cars
                    A PDF Version
 Humber 8 Vintage Economy cars
                   A PDF Version

  Sizire NaudinMainly For Fun. The story of the light sports roadster.  mainly for fun1
A PDF Version   1910 to 1960

  Victoria Front Wheel DriveThe story of  pioneers of the front wheel drive motorcar.
                    A Revised PDF Version  

GKW  The story of the Rear Engined Passenger car. In updated PDF form

 GTM Libra Greyhounds The Story of the Light Sports Coupe.
                    A PDF Version 1930 to 1960 
              Bugatti Famous Designers  Their economy and light car designs.In an updated PDF form 

  GTM Cars Ltd April 1981 to march 2003.
                      An Extended PDF Version 
Marlin Roadster Disconnected Jottings