Chater-Lea 8/9. 1913 to 1917
Chater-Lea 10. 1914
Chater Lea engine
 Chater-Lea of Banner Lane, London, started in business as cycle component makers in 1890. Then as cycle  and motor cycle makers by 1900. They produced their first cycle-car in 1907. The 1913  model, the 8/9, had a Chater-Lea water-cooled, Vee twin engine of 964 c.c. in a conventional chassis with shaft drive to a bevel geared rear axle. It weighed 7 3/4 cwt and its two versions cost £126 and £142. For 1914  the company offered a car with a 1092 c.c.water-cooled four cylinder engine. Listed as the 10, it weighed 8 3/4 cwt and cost £173. From 1915 and until 1922 this model had a 1315 c.c. engine.  

 Chater Lea 

Chater lea chassis        Chater lea  

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